Sunday, February 24, 2008

S.R. Estates @ Miyapur

S R Estates is a big residential complex in the hear of Miyapur Town. It is Opp Pranaam Hospital (opp mega hills complex) Miyapur, Hyderabad Nearest Landmark: Krishna / Narasimha theatre near Miyapur 'X'

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Anonymous said...

best place to stay at SR ESTATES

Anonymous said...

One of the best residential place to stay

Anonymous said...

"complex in the hear of Miyapur"

Please correct the above one to
"complex in the heart of Miyapur"

Anonymous said...

great place to stay..ideal

Mudra said...


satya said...

Peace place but more legal litications in the SR Estate. SR estate liviing middle class peoples. Gated Community very fash compare SR estate. Security is very old mens

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