Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fresh @ Miyapur

The Retail Brand - Fresh @ Miyapur

The pilot store was first launched in Hyderabad on 2006-11-29. The Store is presented to the customer as "Fresh@ Store_Location" to connect with the neighborhood. The pilot store, opened at Vikrampuri in Hyderabad, is called "Fresh@Vikrampuri". Fresh@ today has a total of 43 stores across three cities. 25 in Hyderabad, India, 11 in Bangalore, and 7 stores in Chennai.

Heritage has pan-India plans and the phase 1 plan is to open 75 stores in south India by March 2008.


Heritage's dairy range of products include milk, curd, ice cream, butter milk, flavoured milk, dairy whitener, skim milk powder, etc. The Fresh @ range of products include 177 sku's of fresh fruits and vegetables, 150 sku's of in house bakery products and the private label Farmers' Pride includes cereals, pulses, staples, and spices.

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