Friday, February 29, 2008

How to come to Miyapur From Kothaguda / Kondapur (Transportation)

Miyapur Transit - From Kothaguda / Kondapur

There are quite few bus services to miyapur from Kothaguda. Bus route # 222 from Koti to Patancheru passes thru Kothaguda.

Some Buses from Lingampally also passes through kothaguda / kondapur.

Kothaguda houses some of IT companies. TCS ePark, Satyam TechnoPark and the newly constructed HSBC.

The straight road comes from Gachibowli and the perpendicular one is from Hitech City / Madhapur

The crowd will be horrible in peak hours, otherwise, you will get a seat as three-four buses ply at a time.

The better option would be to take an auto.. it would be 30 rupees

There are also some Share autos from Kondapur / Kothaguda to miyapur. They charge around six rupees. If you are a male passenger, you need to adjust with the driver and a co-passenger in the front seat:)

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