Friday, April 16, 2010

Gym, Aerobics in Miyapur, Madinaguda area

The blog is about to expand to Chandanagar, Madinaguda etc. The first step is to identify Gym and Aerobics centres in Madinaguda and Miyapur

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schapara said...

There is new Aerobics/GYM/Cardio.. center, "Fitness plus" comming at More super market area in August.

AKumar said...

Can anyone please tell address/location/contact number for any gym/fitness center in Miyapur?

Abhivyaki said...

There is Bodyline gym near Miyapur bustop.You need to go in the road to the old Miyapur police station. It is above Mahadev textiles.

I saw the gym , it is pretty good with AC and cardio.
Cost is Rs700 per month with Rs 100 as joining fee.

Ankit Gangwar said...

Well the bodyline place sucks big time.
Joined it 20 days back and have already decided to leave it.

AC's are never operated. The machines are old and worn out. there are restrictions on use of each machine varying from 3 min to 10 min. come on.. cycling for 10 min for a cardio/weightloss will do you no good in the world. and the trainers poke around a lot.even if you dont need them.

Giri said...

Bodyline gym is now renovated and also they have even opened a new branch near allwyn colony 'x' road (contact 9885323079/9052551379), with sophisticated and modern equipment, spread in two floors. Separate for cardio & strength.
Worth joining...

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