Sunday, February 24, 2008

Megamart @ Miyapur

Arvind Mills has announced the launch of their Megamart Outlet Centre at Miyapur, Hyderabad

Arvind Mills is India's largest integrated textile company and operates across the entire value chain from design to fabric to brands. Arvind was the first company in India to bring international brands when they brought Arrow to India. Arvind now has licensing relationships with many international brands like Arrow, GANT US Polo & Cherokee. JV's with VF Corporation with brand portfolio of Lee, Wrangler, Nautica, Jansport, Kipling, Hero by Wrangler & Lee Riders, Tommy Hilfiger and most recently a JV with Diesel.

In addition Arvind also owns a number of successful Indian brands: Flying Machine, Newport and Excalibur among others. Arvind also own & operates India's largest 75 outlet strong value retail chain under the name 'Megamart'.

There are many offers like Buy 3 Get 4 Free. 30 % off for 1 or 2 buys etc.

The shop is in the first floor - above Spencers Supermarket .. Near Miyapur Bus stop

The discount will vary based on sourcing.

“If the apparel is one season old, it will have a certain discount. If it is damaged, it will have more discount,” he explained, adding that the store will help brands such as Lee, Wrangler, Arrow and Ruf & Tuf among others, to sell surplus stock.

The company currently runs 50 Megamarts and plans to set up 50 more in the next two years. The retail business contributes to one-third of Arvind Mills’ total business and is perceived as the largest growth area, according to Mr Krishnan. Most of the stores will come up in tier-II and -III cities.

To fund the expansion, the company has announced the issue of 5,06,00,000 preferential allotment of warrants for Rs 263.12 crore to promoters.

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1 comment:

chn said...

i had a very bad experience with miyapur megamart. actually i swipe my debit card for purchasing at megamart and it leads to 2 times credit of bill to megamart.and now when i am asking for refund of money which had been double credited, they r telling me to come after few days we r sorting out issue and this is happening from last 15 they told me that we will give u a letter u need to submitt it to ur bank and amount will get back to u.and when do i get that letter thats also a question, for that again they call me after 2-3 days.As i working 6 days a week and i dont have a time to go to my bank for clearing ths issue i think i made a mistake in shopping at megamart.i told them mistake occurs on their part so you need to do the needful without causing inconvenience to customer but they r saying this is the procedure u need to follow.

this is really a bad attitude i seen in megamart. if it goes like this i think megamart will be the big flop. even now i can only create a bad word of mouth for megamart.if they really wants to run it successfully they need to be more of customer centric.
I dont know how much inconvenience they will create for me for getting my money back

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