Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Summer Coaching in Miyapur

There are many coaching camps going on in and around Miyapur

Some of them are in

KidsCampus - Deeptisrin Nagar, Madinaguda - 040 6457 3432 (Dance, Drawing, Skating etc)

Extra Terrestrials (Widia Colony, Miyapur) - 94922 86089 (Yoga, Drawing and Dance)

Spoken Hindi / English around Miyapur is conducted at Ashram's School

Kitchen classes around Miyapur

Kid schools around Miyapur

Please feel to post comment on the various activities around your area!!

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Anonymous said...

please give me the information about the summer camp,swimming classes and skating classes for kids in and arroud the Miyapur.My kid is 10 years old.

Priyanka said...

Hi. We are Munchkins group pf institutions managed by staff trained in child care and development. We are organizing summer camp from 1st May to 31st May in Mayuri Nagar, Miyapur. For details please contact 8886411011

Priyanka said...

Hi, we are Munchkins group of instituions in Mayuri Nagar Miyapur. Management is trained in child care and development from Japan. We are organizing a summer camp from the 1st of May to 31st May. We provide transportation facility also. For details please contact 8886411011

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