Thursday, December 3, 2009

Post Box in Miyapur (Pincode of Miyapur)

Miyapur Post Office is Located in Little Rock Apartment. It is near to Talkie Town Theatre Miyapur... It has the facility of NSS, Money Orders and other post office schemes. However Telegram etc are not available and nearest Post Office is Kukatpally.

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1 comment:

savaria said...


Thank god we need not rely on these post offices because of the other professional services .I should say we had a very bad experience with this post office officials .They never do a delivery .We spend money on speed post so that it is delivered on urgency with atmost importance."Speed post" only in name you can find the speed ,this is the most slow process .They will call you to say please come and collect ,is this the service they need to provide? How about rasing a complaint? don't even think about it,they are least bothered because they all are a team.I feel pitty on my decision to choose a postal service.

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