Sunday, December 14, 2008

How to go to Prasads Imax from Miyapur By Train

Necklace Road Station

MMTS Station near to Miyapur is Hafeezpet. From here you can take a train to Necklace road and walk towards Prasad's IMAX

Miyapur MMTS Trains to Hyderabad

Train no Departure station Departure time Destination Station Arrival time
LH1 Hafeezpet 05:49 Hyderabad 06:20
LH2 Hafeezpet 06:09 Hyderabad 06:40
LH3 Hafeezpet 07:09 Hyderabad 07:40
LH4 Hafeezpet 07:39 Hyderabad 08:10
LH5 Hafeezpet 08:19 Hyderabad 08:50
LH6 Hafeezpet 08:49 Hyderabad 09:25
LH7 Hafeezpet 09:19 Hyderabad 09:50
LH8 Hafeezpet 10:04 Hyderabad 10:35
LH9 Hafeezpet 10:34 Hyderabad 11:05
LH10 Hafeezpet 11:09 Hyderabad 11:40
LH11 Hafeezpet 11:49 Hyderabad 12:20
LH12 Hafeezpet 12:24 Hyderabad 12:55
LH13 Hafeezpet 12:59 Hyderabad 13:30
LH14 Hafeezpet 15:14 Hyderabad 15:45
LH15 Hafeezpet 16:09 Hyderabad 16:40
LH16 Hafeezpet 16:59 Hyderabad 17:30
LH17 Hafeezpet 18:19 Hyderabad 18:50
LH18 Hafeezpet 19:04 Hyderabad 19:35
LH19 Hafeezpet 19:59 Hyderabad 20:30
LH20 Hafeezpet 20:59 Hyderabad 21:30
LH21 Hafeezpet 21:49 Hyderabad 22:20

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Saniya Binal said...

Very nice article about Train Between Two Station. This artilce will help to passengers to catch the right train to reach destination.

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