Thursday, November 6, 2008

Miyapur - Madhapur Setwin Bus Request


This is a open appeal from citizens of Miyapur for plying SetWin busses from Miyapur Alwynn Colony to Madhapur. Miyapur houses 40% of Hitech City's employees, which would run to thousands. As there are only two buses per hour (10H and 222) for them to use, people precariously travel in the three-seater share autos. Neither the companies not the Government has provided them with good public transport. Requesting Y.S. Rajaashekara Reddy to expedite plying of Setwin buses from Miyapur to Madhapur and VBIT Park during peak hours

Humbly request Miyapurians to comment this blog and take it further

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sai said...

Hello...I stay near allwyn colony and I really feel the connectivity b/n miyapur and hiteccity is not so great.The frequency of the busses in this route is very less and the bus that travels in this route is from Lingampally to Koti.That makes the timing of the bus highly unpredictable due to such long distance the bus travels in the city. It would be really great to have a dedicated service b/n miyapur and madhapur. We should do all it needs to be done to escalate this issue.

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