Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pranam Hospital @ Miyapur

Pranam Hospital is a good Children Hospital in miyapur

They have facilities for Gynecology, Paediatrics etc. They also have other facilities on appontment. Lead doctors are Manish Kaur and Ms Srivatsava

Pranam Hospital Nursing Home 040 65346359 / 23045600 23044713

Pranam Hospital
Nursing Home
65346359 / 23045600

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Parent said...

Today I went to see Dr. Manish Gaur at Pranaam Hospitals in Chandanagar. I called them upfront and took the appointment for 9:35am. Doctor showed up after 10, and we were 8th in the line to see him. This is nothing new in India, patients get the same treatment everywhere. But what's even more ridiculus at Pranaam Hospital is that they charge you 50/- extra is you took appointment by phone. if you are a walk-in, you can just go and see the doctor without paying 50/- extra.

What's the point of charging 50/- extra if you still have to wait for hours after the appointment time. The appointment works for the benefit of the hospital as well, they can manage the crowd better.

I request the hospital to stop charging 50/- for phone appointments, and refund my money.

Ravi said...

yes. it looks so funny. Why should they collect 50/- extra? And my experience with the Insurence Desk of Pranaam is... they dont care the customers and they dont even process. i visited Pranam for my Kid's problem. My kid has some problem since his birth. for that doctor suggested a surgery. So i visited Insurence desk and wanted to know whether it could be covered under insurence policy or not. that guy asked me all the reports and insurence cards. so that he can send them for the further process to check the claim possibilities. so gave all the documents. he said it will take 24 hrs to get the status. i went after 4 days. surprising i found that my documents were not sent for the further process and simply kept on his tray. moreover this time another person was there in the insurence desk and he was just simply saying that this is not required to send. it will not be covered. we all know most of the problems(existed from birth) will not be covered under insurence policy. but some problems are there which can be covered. that will be known once he start process it na? I dont know how these persons are careless and dont bother about our problems, though it is hardly their duty. i request pranam management to look into this.

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